The Association for the Advancement of Black Freight Forwarders (AABFF) was established in 2016 to pursue development of Black Freight Forwarders, to redress inequalities and create opportunities for Black South Africans in the Clearing and Forwarding sector. After looking at the current pace of transformation in the industry and the slow death of South African owned companies in the sector, we saw the need for the formation of this association that will foster an all-inclusive economy and enable development of South African owned Clearing and Forwarding companies. The organisation is non-racial and membership is open to all those who believe in what the organisation stands for.


  • To redress inequalities and create opportunities for Black South Africans in the Clearing and Forwarding industry.

  • To fast track transformation in the Clearing and Forwarding Industry.

  • To vigorously pursue the development black freight forwarders of the economy through public policy advocacy and enlightenment, capacity building and enthronement of integrity and professionalism in freight forwarding industry.

  • To embark in the development of aspiring Freight Forwarders who will take a meaningful lead in the protection and development of the South African Economy and to promote development of Multi-national companies that are of a South African Origin.

  • To increase entrance of Black participants in the industry through creation of awareness of the work and existence of the Maritime, Clearing and Forwarding sector and careers related to the sector.


To be the voice of Black Clearing and Freight Forwarding fraternity in South Africa that will position its members in a position where they will compete as equals with other players within the Domestic and International Value Chain. AABFF Exists to develop Multi- National companies of a South African origin in the sector.

  • It exists for all South African owned companies in the sector

  • It exists to remove barriers of access to the market by the historically disadvantaged businesses.

  • It exists to Equip and empower Black Owned Freight Forwarders to improve their competitiveness.

  • To actively participate in the continuous development and improvement of Black Economic Empowerment Legislation.

  • Support initiatives that are aimed at Women Empowerment.


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